What Is ADAS Recalibration?

ADAS recalibration is simply the process of realigning and calibrating the sensors and cameras that your vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems rely on to function. Those sensors and cameras are essentially your vehicle’s eyes and ears into the world surrounding you on the road. They continually feed information to your safety systems that keep you safe as you drive

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For example, blindspot monitoring can’t happen unless a camera detects that another vehicle is in your blind spot. If that camera becomes misaligned (which can happen fairly easily) it can’t let you know the actual position of the other driver on the road.

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Unless you get that camera recalibrated, your blind spot monitoring won’t work as it should, which can be a major problem, if that’s a feature you rely on while driving.

When you visit a shop for ADAS recalibration, you’ll need either static or dynamic calibration, depending on your vehicle and the features it has. In some cases, you might need both types. But what’s the difference between the two?